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Whether you’re new to real estate business or you’re an experienced pro, we have helpful articles that can provide insight to residential, multifamily, and commercial properties.
Discover blogs ranging from hard money, bridge money, direct loans, private money and more. We’ve provided insights on new construction, land development, fix and flip, buy and hold, and the list goes on. 
Learn how real estate investors can avoid the scammers that are out there. Let us help you take your investment property education to the next level while we also connect you with the lenders who can get you the cash you need at the best price.
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Lending Process
Martin Coyne

Everything insurance

What people get wrong about insurance A private money lender may require that you maintain insurance. This may include fire insurance, life insurance, title insurance,

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Lender Resources
Ross Hamilton

Private Money Loan Negotiation

Let’s look at the private money loan negotiation process from a lender’s perspective.  In order to negotiate the best deal for your private money loan,

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